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 E3 Predictions?

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E3 Predictions? Empty
PostSubject: E3 Predictions?   E3 Predictions? EmptySun Mar 14, 2010 9:20 pm

So with the Game Developers Conference wrapping up this weekend, we anxiously look forward to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is the biggest event for video games each year, with news and announcements about new games and system releases. What will this year's show hold for us, the fans? That's what we at Press Pause Radio would like to know. Tell us what you think will be announced this year, or what you would like to see happen.

Personally I'm hoping that Valve will finally announce Half Life 2 Episode 3, or even Half Life 3 if that's the way they are progressing. I just know that it's been the Duke Nukem of this generation, and Valve has to announce something soon! So if you have any predictions or ideas, feel free to comment here. Thanks!
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E3 Predictions? Empty
PostSubject: I'm really focusing on   E3 Predictions? EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 3:02 am

[b][i]What Microsoft & Sony plan to do with their motion control peripherals like Natal & Move as well as more insight on the upcoming mystery entry with Legend Of Zelda, this single cell art bull shit just ain't cutting anymore!
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E3 Predictions?
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